Efficient surplus energy storage systems based on SCiB™ rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Traction Energy Storage Systems

Cut Peak
Power Demand
Emergency Power Supply
Prevent Regenerative
Brake Failures

Traction Energy Storage System (TESS)

Energy storage system enables charge and discharge of regenerative power via catenary

Toshiba’s Traction Energy Storage System with SCiB™ rechargeable battery for DC Railway Power Supply Systems is an energy-saving solution equipped with Toshiba’s own high-quality battery technology. TESS can be used not only for energy-saving purposes, but also as an alternative solution to building new substations and as an emergency power supply system in the case of power failures.



TESS benefits the energy efficiency and reliable operation of railway networks. Braking energy is stored in the battery system based on SCiB™ modules and made available for other trains operating on the network. Simultaneously better regenerative braking operation, energy-saving, feeding voltage stabilisation and emergency power supply are also achieved.


  • Improved Regenerative Braking: Surplus regenerative energy can be efficiently charged and discharged to/from the SCiB™ modules thus preventing regenerative brake failures.
  • Energy Saving: remarkable charge-discharge efficiency characteristics can reduce energy wastage and ultimately, promote power demand peak cut
  • Line Voltage Stabilisation: Installation of TESS can improve traction power quality through voltage stabilisation
  • Emergency Power Supply: TESS enables train operation in emergency mode
Ratings & Specifications
System 750 Vdc
System 1500Vdc
Rated Line Voltage
750 Vdc
1500 Vdc
Rated Power
500 kW – 2000 kW
1000 kW – 4000 kW
Applicable Load Pattern
Class I – IX (IEC 62924) 0.75(p.u.) continuous
Class I, IV, VI – IX (IEC 62924) 0.5(p.u.) 60s + 0.25(p.u.) 240s (cycle time: 300s)
Rated Capacity
146 kW – 777 kW
146 kW – 777 kW
Rated Battery Voltage
600 Vdc (530V ~ 713V)
600 Vdc (530V ~ 713V)

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Traction Energy Storage System with SCiB™
For DC Railway Power Supply Systems

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