Railway battery solutions based on SCiB™ technology

Traction Battery Systems

all-in-one solution
functional safety SIL4
modular structure

Traction Battery Systems

With Toshiba’s railway vehicle know-how and experience we design and supply customized systems. Optimized for the overall vehicle architecture we deliver systems with an integral safety concept which are easy to integrate on rolling stock.

Our battery systems are based on our SCiB™ TypeS modules and monitoring units designed for railway vehicles. They meet the highest qualitative and quantitative safety requirements of EN 50129 for SIL4* applications.

Lithium titanate is characterised by its high safety with regard to fire and explosion hazards. The risk of short-circuit and thermal runaway even under extreme temperatures is minimized.

These features make the battery systems ideal for carbon neutral and energy efficient hybrid traction operations, as well as onboard systems for emergency and auxiliary operations.

*Safety Integrity level 4 based on the assessment according to EN 50126 and EN 50129


  • All-in-one system fulfilling relevant European railway standards and directives
    for an easy installation
  • Various configurations based on proven-in-use SCiB™ TypeS modules
  • All relevant parts as Battery Management System, high power contactors
    as well as a multi-stage safety concept are integrated
  • Customized to individual load profiles
  • Optimized via Toshiba’s lifetime prediction and aging software
  • Cooling depending on the application: internal or external water-cooling,
    natural cooling, forced-air cooling


  • High availability: Modular structure for easy maintenance and upgrade to next generation technology
  • Excellent safety characteristics: extremely low risk of fire and explosion
  • Advanced monitoring: detection of malfunctioning on cell level
  • Long Life: Lithium titanate and optimized system design based on detailed simulation models
  • High input & output performance
  • Operation at low temperatures

Technical Data (examples)

Type of battery
SCiB™ rechargeable lithium-ion battery by Toshiba
SCiB™ rechargeable lithium-ion battery by Toshiba
Redundant system (2x 60 kWh) incl. battery management and safety units, control cabinet with electrical components, cooling system
Systems incl. battery management and safety units, control cabinet with electrical components
Battery management system
Integrated in the system
Integrated in the system
Nominal capacity
120 kWh
92 kWh
Nominal and operating voltage
1546 V (1210 V – 1814 V)
773 V (605 V – 907 V)
Ambient temperature
-25 °C* – 40 °C
-25 °C* – 40 °C
Cooling method
Closed water cooling with heat exchanger
Natural cooling
*Temporarily power restrictions at low temperatures may apply without external heating

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