Traction converters for railway vehicles

Power Converter Cubicle

cubicle structure for easy maintenance
high reliability

Power Converter Cubicle (PCC)

Toshiba’s traction converters (“Power Converter Cubicles”, PCC) are specifically designed for installation on railway vehicles. To minimize interfaces, all essential functions are housed in the PCC, allowing the module to be easily removed from the vehicle for maintenance.



Toshiba traction converters include:

  • AC/DC converter (3-phase when feeding generators or as four-quadrant chopper)
  • DC/AC inverter (traction motor supply)
  • Auxiliary converter
  • Battery charger
  • External feed for charging of traction battery (400 V 3 ph)
  • External feed for charging of on-board battery via battery charger (230 V)
  • Interface to traction battery system in order to store energy of recuperation
  • Internal or external cooling

Power Converter Cubicles (Examples)

Rated voltage
780 Vdc
1500 Vdc
Minimum operating voltage
610 Vdc
1210 Vdc
Maximum operating voltage
910 Vdc
1820 Vdc
Control Voltage
110 Vdc
24 Vdc
Power of the auxiliary converter
70 kVA
2 x 100 kVA
Voltage of the auxiliary converter
3×400 Vac
3 x 400V/480V, 50Hz/60Hz AC
Input power (generator converter)
800 kW (max), 480 kW (continuously)
2 x 490 kW (max)
Output power (traction motors)
700 kW (max), 380 kW (continuously)
750 kW (continuously)
*figures are rounded

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