Environmentally-friendly, hybrid diesel battery locomotive with reduced emissions and fuel consumption (under development)

Toshiba HDB 800

300 kN
maximum tractive effort
750 kW
rated power at wheel tread
100 km/h
maximum operating speed

Powerful and environmentally-friendly

Toshiba HDB 800* is a shunting locomotive which is able to run on a main line for a short distance in order to reach its area of operation. It offers easier maintenance due to a modular design, as well as high energy efficiency and emission free operation.

The series hybrid system allows for operation at the most energy-efficient point by using either one or both power generation modules or the traction batteries respectively. This reduces emissions and saves valuable resources. Toshiba’s electrical components, including its Traction Battery System based on SCiB™ TypeS modules, Power Converter, SFCU and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), support safe, reliable and energy-efficient operation.

*under development


  • Modular vehicle structure for easy maintenance and upgrade to future technologies
  • Redundant traction and auxiliary system
  • Two power generator modules for optimized load control
  • Four PMSM type traction motors for single-axis control and less maintenance
  • Vehicle control via one of the two driver’s desks or via remote control
  • Multi traction with up to four vehicles

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3D View of the Driver’s Cab



Reduced emissions:

  • Diesel engine (Stage V) with low pollutant emissions which can be used for synthetic fuels according to EN 15940
  • Increased service life of the product

Reduced fuel consumption:

The reduction in primary energy consumption is achieved by:

  • Recuperation
  • Permanent magnet sychronous motors (PMSM)
  • Energy-optimized use of diesel engines (single or dual usage)

Reduced operating costs:

  • Flexible configuration of the locomotive to best meet customer needs; in the event of a fault, individual modules can be replaced to reduce downtime
  • Optimized vehicle and bogie design for maximum traction transmission

Optimized life cycle costs (LCC):

  • Long-life SCiB™ rechargeable lithium-ion battery by Toshiba
  • Conditioned Based Maintenance (CBM)

Technical Specifications

Axle Arrangement
750 kW (at wheel rim)
100 km/h
Traction Energy
Traction Battery
120 kWh system
Diesel Engine
2 x 490 kW (Stage V)
Traction Motor
Traction Inverter


DB Cargo AG plans to deploy at least 100 Toshiba HDB 800 locomotives to achieve more resource-efficient operation of its shunting yards and service to its customers in the downstream market. The target will be annual energy savings of at least 30% and savings of at least 1 million liters of diesel fuel per year.  

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