Shunting and short-haul operations with reduced energy consumption and emission-free operation e.g. at battery mode

Hybrid Locomotives

high availability
high reliability

Overview: Hybrid Locomotives

Toshiba Group combines over 120 years of experience in railway systems, as well as more than 10 years of experience in hybrid systems with proven technological ability. Our hybrid locomotives address the challenges of today’s freight operations.

We supply reliable, energy efficient and more environmentally-friendly rail vehicle solutions. Central to our product innovations are lower life cycle costs as well as the safety and comfort of drivers and shunting personnel. We develop locomotives both for shunting as well as short distance purposes, and offer solutions for new vehicles and retrofit projects.



Our hybrid systems combine Toshiba’s experience in the field propulsion systems with its innovative battery technology.

Regardless of the source which provides the energy, our hybrid systems ensure that the vehicle is always running at optimum operating point.

This both reduces emissions and saves valuable resources, with the reduction further enhanced by recuperation.

From a structural perspective, a modular concept is used that improves ease of maintenance while also enabling higher performance storage batteries to be installed in the future.


  • High safety: Our traction battery system combines the inherent safety of SCiB™ modules with monitoring units and a functional design for save operations
  • High flexibility: Our hybrid system allows efficient operation at full power, at low load as well as emission-free operation e.g. at battery mode
  • High efficiency: By using Toshiba components, we achieve higher efficiencies
  • High availability: Due to a redundant vehicle structure and the high reliability of Toshiba’s components
  • High comfort: Provided by a comfortable driver’s cabin


Hybrid type
Series hybrid
up to 2000 kW
up to 120 km/h
Traction battery
SCiB™ rechargeable lithium-ion battery by Toshiba
Combustion engine
up to 2 x 500 kW
Asynchronous / Synchronous Type
Traction motor
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) / Asynchronous motor (ASM)
Traction energy
Diesel-Electric or Electric (Catenary, Battery), additional options in future as hydrogen and HVO
Traction inverter

Toshiba HDB 800

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Hybrid Retrofit Projects

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