We are Toshiba Railway Europe

Taking advantage of over 120 years of experience of Toshiba Group, our aim is to create a greener future for the European railway industry with our hybrid locomotives and electrical systems for rolling stock and infrastructure.

Our origin

We are part of the global operating Toshiba Group

Toshiba Railway Europe is part of Toshiba Group, the Japanese technology and manufacturing company with more than 100,000 employees worldwide.

Toshiba has always been committed to the development of society through new technologies, many of which focus on critical infrastructure such as railway systems.

Toshiba Railway Europe was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Toshiba Infrastructure Systems and Solutions Corporation in order to offer superior solutions for the European railway market.

We operate across two office sites in Germany. Our headquarter is in Kiel, and a branch office is situated in Düsseldorf.

Our business

Customized solutions

True to our corporate purpose, we “turn on the promise of a new day”, contributing to a more sustainable railway business by delivering environmentally-friendly railway systems technologies.

Our more environmentally-friendly locomotives enable our customers to reduce emissions, fuel consumption and operating costs as well as optimize life cycle costs. Central to our product innovation is the safety and comfort of drivers and shunting personnel.

We modernize existing locomotives, and develop, construct and produce new, technologically high-quality locomotives with innovative propulsion systems.

Our product portfolio covers electrical components as traction battery systems for all types of rolling stock, modular hybrid locomotives for shunting operations, alongside energy storage for railway infrastructure.

Our history
Locomotive called JR Freight HD 300
JR Freight HD300

Over 120 years of supplying railway technology to customers worldwide

Toshiba’s railway business started with the manufacturing of traction motors, traction systems and bogies for rolling stocks in 1899, and we are proud to have recorded over 120 years of history since then.

Throughout this time, Toshiba has been providing mainline and shunting locomotives and their key systems, indispensable for personnel and freight transport, to customers worldwide.

Toshiba has also developed hybrid locomotives equipped with state-of-the art technologies, including lithium-ion-battery-systems and fully-enclosed permanent magnet synchronous motors aiming at higher efficiency. We delivered our first mass-produced hybrid locomotive – the “JR Freight HD300” – to Japan’s largest freight rail company, JR Freight, in 2012.

With the Toshiba HDB 800, a hybrid diesel-battery shunting locomotive being developed for our customer DB Cargo AG, Toshiba Railway Europe is presenting itself as a new supplier on the European market. Toshiba will continue to offer innovative solutions that meet the challenges of rail transport.

Our sustainability promise
Toshiba contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals through our corporation and business.

Committed to People,
Committed to the Future.

At Toshiba, we are committed to raising the quality of life for people around the world and ensuring progress that is in harmony with our planet. This commitment is consistent with the direction of the UN Sustainable Development goals, which aim to realize a sustainable society.

In order to make our commitment a reality and as a basis to guide our activities, Toshiba has set up a Code of Conduct. It leads the way that we operate under the principles of fairness, integrity and transparency and contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

It is our aspiration to develop products and systems which empower our customers to reduce their environmental impact. At the same time, it is our aim to review and, where necessary, transforming our corporate processes to become more sustainable. This for example includes saving energy in our IT infrastructure as well as enabling our employees to combine work and family life through mobile and flexible working. 

Key Facts

Years of railway experience
Toshiba Group is proud to have recorded over 120 years in supplying superior railway technology to customers worldwide.
Company Foundation
Foundation of Toshiba Railway Europe GmbH as European headquarter in 2018.
We are a steadily growing team working at two locations in Germany, Kiel and Dusseldorf.
Our employees come from over 10 countries.

Our locations



Bunsenstrasse 29
24145 Kiel (Germany)


Branch Office

Tiefenbroicher Weg 15
40472 Dusseldorf (Germany)